Our Faqs

Got questions? We've got answers!

Q: What do you mean by responsive?
A: Responsive web design is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices. In short, whether it's a large desktop monitor, or a small mobile phone screen, your site will automatically adapt and will look great!

Q: Do you require a set up fee?
A: Yes. Half upfront. The remaining amount paid upon completion.

Q: Do you place ads on the website?
A: LQWorks is unique in the fact that aside from a very small link at the bottom of your page (web development by LQWorks) we do NOT place any second or third party ads on your website. That means, NO annoying pop-up ads, NO pop-under ads, and NO banner ads of any kind. Our goal is to provide you with a fast loading, professional website.

Q: How long are your contracts for?
A:No contracts! Our plans run month to month.

Q: Can I cancel my maintenance & hosting service at any time?
A: Yes! You can cancel your maintenance and hosting at any time. Furthermore, there are no cancellation fees!

Q: I paid a year in advance do I get a refund if I cancel?
A: Yes. You’ll receive a complete refund for all unused months, we’ll also give you a file containing your entire website. After all, it’s yours!

Q: I want changes made to my site, what do I do?
A: Call or email us requesting the changes, we'll handle the rest!

Q: Am I limited to the amount of changes I need made?
A: We do not limit the amount of changes you can make. However, realistically we will not give you a complete rebuild every month either. But we're sure you already know that!

Q: Can you redesign my existing website?
A: Yes! We’ll give it a fresh new look and ensure it’s mobile friendly.

Q: Do I need my own web host?
A: No. If you purchase our maintenance service, your hosting is included!

Q: Can I use my own domain name?
A: Yes, you can use your own domain name.

Q: I do not own a domain name will you help me register one?
A: Yes, we will assist you, and we'll do it free of charge! (Annual registration fees required, paid directly to the domain registrar)

Q: How much does it cost to register a domain name?
A: Domain name registration fees are less than 15.00 per year.

Q: Is there an option for me if I do not wish to register my own domain name?
A: Yes. We offer a subdomain, free of charge (religious organizations only.)

Q: Can I host my website with you, but maintain it myself?
A: No. If we host it, we maintain it.

Q: Can I have you build my site, but maintain and host it myself?
A: Yes, we will build your site and supply it to you in a zip file. However we will not make any future changes, maintenance or support on your site.

Q: Do you build stores for small business?
A: No. We can build you a website to advertise your business, but we do not do individual product listing.


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